1. RKTrendz website does not charge any registration or browsing fee for customers or sellers. However, the Website reserves the absolute right to alter the fee policy at any time.

2. Rktrendz offers multiple payment methods (Online mode or cash on delivery)

3. Cash on delivery - If you are not comfortable making an online payment on, you can opt for the Cash on Delivery (C-o-D) payment method instead. With C-o-D you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

4. online mode – We accept the payments made by credit/debit card, netbanking, ATM card, bank’s IMPs, prepaid instruments and bank EMI

5. Prices of all Products are mentioned on our Website and are incorporated into these Terms by reference. All prices are in Indian rupees, respective seller is responsible for all products and prices, and product price may vary according to the seller and RKTrendz is not responsible for any kind of price issues. Users further undertake that by initiating a transaction, the User is entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with the Seller to purchase the products using such payment facilities as may be permitted by applicable laws and as may be accepted by the Website

6. RKTrendz may enter into agreements with third party payment gateway aggregators for receiving, refund and remittance and to facilitate payment between buyers and Sellers. The Website shall initiate the payment only after products are delivered successfully to the buyers as agreed between Website and the Sellers.

7. The Website may impose limits on the number of transaction which an individual holding a financial instrument may use for payment for Products.
The Website reserves the right to refuse to process transactions exceeding such limit and transactions by Users that have incurred questionable charges and amounts

8. While buyers using Website payment gateway for any transactions, the Website will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the User because of following reasons:

9. Payment facility provided by the Website is merely used by the buyer and Seller of the respective Product to facilitate the completion of the purchase made by the buyer.

10. All website User hereby agrees to provide accurate information (credit/debit information) and he/she shall not use payment information or instrument that is not lawfully owned by the User. The Website shall not utilize or share with any third party unless required as per law, regulation or court order or in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. The Website disclaims all liabilities arising out of loss of any information pertaining to the Confidentiality of the credit/debit card details or pre-paid instrument account. The terms and conditions of the bank or other financial institution shall also be applicable to every User.
The Website disclaims any liability arising out of declining of payment by such bank or financial institution.

11. The users using the payment facilities provided by the Website shall not render the Website liable or responsible for any non-payment, non-delivery, damage, breach of representations and warranties, damages or fraud as regards the Products listed on the Website. The Website shall not be responsible for any claims, damages or interests arising from not processing a transaction.

12. The Website reserves the right to conduct additional verification for security or other reasons if it is not satisfied with the creditability of the User.